My books

I had the opportunity to write about a dozen books on my favourite topics, and a couple of them has been translated into English:

Atlas of the Messier Objects, 2006: This is a comprehensive coffee table book about the 110 entries of Charles Messier’s catalog. It features my research on the observational history of each object and gives an account of the astrophysical knowledge as of 2005. The observational notes are highlighted by my drawings, most done with a 14-inch Dobsonian.

The Cambridge Photographic Star Atlas, 2011: In this collaboration with Axel Mellinger, I identified thousands of deep-sky objects on his giant high-resolution all-sky mosaic. The result is a very beautiful atlas of the entire sky in real colors.

Atlas of Great Comets, 2014: Intended to be published when comet ISON would hit the skies, which of course never happened. This is similar to the Messier book, with the 30 greatest comets of modern times featured in detail. There is a focus on images with many unique depictions from early modern broadsheets.

interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas, 2015: A work of 12 years, this is a deep-sky atlas in the way I thought was the most useful to observers. It has many unique features, like the object symbols shown according to their actual visibility, double star information and hundreds of objects not found elsewhere.

interstellarum Deep Sky Guide, 2018: The companion to the Atlas. Covers 2362 deep sky objects, shown on 1729 bicolor POSS images and 821 drawings. See preview.